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At the Architects of Entrepreneurship Academy, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of business pioneers in the USA, Kenya, Uganda, Haiti and other countries. We want our students to learn directly from entrepreneurs personal experience.


By pledging just $599 a month, you have the opportunity to contribute to this life-changing initiative.


Your generous commitment will not only support the operational costs of the Academy but also facilitate the development of a comprehensive curriculum tailored to our students' needs.


REQUIREMENTS of Entreprenuer Coach

  • Lead a Training Session
  • Join “The Enterpreneur Source Centerstage” live streaming show to have your business highlighted
  • Write a Blog Post on your journey, how you overcame a trial, or any other piece of advice
  • Use our template to share posts on social media leading up to & after appearing on “The Enterpreneur Source Centerstage”
    • Share your blog post from our website when posted


BENEFITS of being an Entrepreneur Coach

  • 25% off Event Sponsorships
  • 50% off Event Tickets
  • Commercial in TV Show “Architects of Entrepreneurship: Against All Odds”
  • Receive International Training Certificate after 6 months
  • Listed on our Entrepreneur Coaches Page
  • Promote your business on our Social Media leading up to participation of live streaming show “The Enterpreneur Source Centerstage”
  • Featured in The Entrepreneur Source Magazine
  • Will receive a monthly copy of The Entrepreneur Source Magazine


Next Steps: 

1.) Pay the first month

2.) Receive an email with topics we need taught to our students

3.) Select the topic & date for you to instruct our students & the Skype link

4.) Select the date for you to join "The Enterpreneur Source Centerstage" live streaming show

5.) Write a blog post for our website & to be featured in The Entrepreneur Source Magazine

6.) Periodic short follow ups on "The Enterpreneur Source Centerstage"

Monthly Corporate Pledge

Price Options
Monthly Pledge
$599.00every month until canceled
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