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All-Inclusive  " The Architects Of Entrepreneurship 2- Day Event March 2024 Hilton West Palm Beach Convention Center


1. Recognition as a Gold Sponsor in event collateral materials:

• Your organization's esteemed support will be acknowledged in event collateral materials, including event programs, brochures, and signage.

• This recognition will serve as a testament to your commitment and contribution to the success of the event.

2. Logo placement on event websites and social media platforms:

• Your organization's logo will be prominently featured on the event's official website, ensuring visibility to a wide audience of attendees and potential stakeholders.

• Additionally, your logo will be displayed on the event's social media platforms, further amplifying your brand's reach and engagement.

3. Acknowledgment in event press releases:

• Your organization will be acknowledged and highlighted in event press releases, providing valuable exposure to media outlets and industry professionals.

• This acknowledgment will enhance your brand's reputation and credibility within the context of this prestigious event.


• Verbal recognition during the event

• Logo inclusion in event signage and banners

• Prominent logo placement on event websites and social media platforms

• Company name and logo displayed in a prominent location within the teaching hospital

• Two dedicated social media posts highlighting the Gold Sponsor.

Gold Sponsorship - Architects Of Entrepreneurship

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